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VENGEANCE (Anthology) Edited by Lee Child
21 Short Stories of Mystery & Suspense

When a different kind of justice is needed---swift, effective, and personal---a new type of avenger must take action. VENGEANCE features new stories by bestselling and award winning crime writers including Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, and Karin Slaughter. And including “Only A Blind Man” by Darrell James.




SCOUNDRELS: Tales of Greed, Murder & Financial Crime
by Best Selling & Award Winning Authors

You’ll encounter them all. Desperate grifters, brokers hedging big bets for the big take, schemers working the long con for the sure money, used car salesman with golden dreams and rusted hopes, crooked lawyers and bent clients, one percenters hustling for that last half-percent, kind-hearted killers, and the lonely hearted who tell themselves any lie as the double down for the long count.



By  Darrell James
15 Short Stories of Mystery & Suspense

Bodies begin piling up fast and furiously in this "off-tilt" killer collection. From "Who Wants To Kill Billy Tingle? (Raise Your Hand)" where a parlor full of jilted women have come together to decide the fate of their philandering lover. To "A Miracle for Father Vega" where a humble priest considers whether murder can sometimes be a blessing. The author rounds out his cast with bumbling extortionists, larcenous senior citizens, and lovers on the con, dropping them onto a landscape where murder has become the "solution of choice."


13 Dark Tales From The Corridors Of Power
Edited by Gary Phillips

Featuring stories by Gary Phillips, Ken Bruen, Darrell James, Twist Phelan, John Shannon and many more, including: THE ART OF AVARICE by Darrell James
 Six time NASCAR champion Donnie Ray Banner is giving longtime incumbent Berk Cabot a run for his money in North Carolina's race for governor. Donnie's running on nothing but good looks and notoriety, but with his former high school sweetheart Charlise Upton pulling the strings, who knows what can happen. It's dogs and cats living together. It's  avarice as a form of art. And it's all just politics... as it's played in the south.

Edited by: Harley Jane Kozak, Michael Mallory, and Nathan Walpow.

An original collection of 10 suspenseful stories by members of the Los Angeles Chapter of Sisters in Crime, all set against the backdrop of Southern California's most notable natural and man-made landmarks. And featuring MAKING IT WITH GAMMY by Darrell James

Petty thief Fremont Lilly has left Arizona and headed for the criminal promise land of Los Angeles. “If you can’t make it in L.A., man, you can’t make it anywhere,” he tells Lougie. But as Fremont soon learns, the City of Angels can be a cold place, even with the sun shining. Only when Fremont is hired to steal the ashes of an accountant’s late grandmother, do things start really looking up.


DEADLY INK 2007 Short Story Collection

10 short stories of murder and suspense. Featuring 2008 Deadly Ink Award Winning Story TRUST A DEAD MAN TO KEEP A SECRET by Darrell James. When Harry died the secret that he'd been keeping threatened to be exposed. But, some secrets are better left in the ground.



Famous Authors Tell You In Their Own Words

The one thing all writers ignore is the one thing they need most: inspiration. And let's face it, writers thrive on dreams."How I Got Published" provides compelling success stories of how many writer-heroes got published, stories that will help would-be writers persevere until they succeed.

Learn from the best in this Writers Digest Book as Award Winning and Best Selling authors relate their own personal odyssey to becoming published authors. Featuring:: Darrell James, Clive Cussler, J.A. Jance, David Morrell, John Lescroart, and many more…